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Prioritize your companies health and safety

Teams :Prioritize your companies health and safety

Until a COVID-19 vaccine is available, it’s unlikely that a full return to “normal” will be safe in most countries. In the meantime, as offices slowly reopen, it’s essential to make health and safety a top priority. Make sure you have a task force in place that can stay abreast of current government guidelines, write and update company health policies, and communicate how the digital workplace will be used to empower social distancing, while also keeping the business running.

It is the responsibility of company leadership to provide adequate safety measures and to model company health policies through their own behaviour. Employees should never feel pressured or encouraged to risk their health in order to do their job. Instead, everyone should work together to form solutions using the digital tools that are available.

Let the digital workplace do the heavy lifting

Moving forward, digital tools are your company’s greatest asset in maintaining a balance of efficiency, collaboration and safety. It is time to fully embrace the digital workplace as the future of work. can help you quickly configure Microsoft Teams so it fits for your organisation, including instant governance to prevent 100 teams the day after it goes live… also can provide solutions and advice around developing new and existing intranet features for the post-pandemic digital workplace. Our intranet-in-a-box solution includes all the tools you need to safely return to the office, such as:

  • Meeting room reservations

  • Flex-desk reservations

  • Communication templates

  • Task automation

  • Enterprise search

  • Analytics dashboard

  • And much more

For more information on how can help your company through reopening and working effectively both now and in a post-pandemic world, drop us a line at or call on 0508TEAMSCO

It all starts with a conversation.

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