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About ZephyrIT

Who we are


ZephyrIT has been providing IT & digital Services in New Zealand since 2004.

These services include Business, Technical and Strategic consulting, project and programme management, through digital transformation & solutions delivery to IT Services.

A significant and continually growing number of ZephyrIT projects relate to moving clients from their current technology environments to cloud architectures.

ZephyrIT are certified partners for both Microsoft and AWS, plus have specialist staff qualified in SAP, Oracle, VMWare and SalesForce. 


This breadth of capability and certification allows ZephyrIT to provide independent advice followed by expertise of deployment regardless of the chosen cloud architectures, environments or systems. ZephyrIT is not wedded to one hyperscale provider nor one architecture or enterprise solution. ZephyrIT  see this as an important approach, and it is valued by clients who value you an independent perspective.


ZephyrIT helps clients build a more intelligent cloud solution. Connecting data to drive smarter decisions and process outcomes.


ZephyrIT has experience in multiple areas of  business-related technology including,

  • ERP Solutions

  • CRM software

  • Supply chain and Logistics solutions

  • HR software

  • Health and Safety software

  • Remote Working Digital Solutions

How we work

The ZephyrIT business approach is relationship based, typically working with CIO’s, CDO’s, CISO’s, CTO’s PMO’s and business managers to understand, help define and then deliver successful IT & digital based business outcomes, including in this case achieving the benefits of moving to cloud-based architectures and environments which enable a fundamentally different approach for the business of the organisation.

Why ZephyrIT

Our Delivery teams are senior, high quality and experienced, focused on delivery of outcomes for our clients.


Our skillsets cover all facets of a change programme including Programme and Project Management, Transformation and change management, Cloud Architecture, e-commerce, Business and Process analysis, Solution Architecture, Business intelligence and Data analytics.

ZephyrIT is typically engaged in multiple projects, across several organisations in different sectors. Many of these projects are focussed on transition to the cloud as most organisations, regardless of sector, are on this journey.

Benefits and Outcomes

ZephyrIT provides multiple service benefits to clients. These benefits fit into two broad categories, the Skills and Expertise of the ZephyrIT team(s) and the Experience ZephyrIT can bring to a client situation.


ZephyrIT Skills & Expertise


ZephyrIT prides itself on the quality of the people in the organisation.


All staff bring a strong skillset and level of expertise, in numerous areas of both practices, and technologies from strategy through to implementation. Client outcomes can therefore begin to be delivered from day 1 of any assignment with no delay to bring the ZephyrIT team up to speed, the skills and expertise required for the assignment are already in place.


The ZephyrIT team(s) also provide a learning environment for the client team and other vendor staff in their areas of skills and expertise. This upskilling is a long-term enduring benefit from ZephyrIT for the client beyond the end of any individual assignment.

ZephyrIT Experience


Working across multiple clients and all sectors delivering projects of various sizes, allows ZephyrIT to bring invaluable experience to a client.


This short circuits many projects enabling more rapid progress based on previously proven outcomes.

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