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Meet the main network for all your teamwork needs in Office 365. Microsoft 365 and Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration.


Microsoft teams consulting services

Bringing Conversations and Content. Together.

With Microsoft Teams, you can easily bring together people, conversations, tools, and content into one consolidated place to easily collaborate to achieve more. Get started today with Microsoft Teams consulting services.


Why Microsoft Teams?

Great teams are great when they can achieve high levels of participation and cooperation. For effective teamwork, people need to use multiple tools to get the job done, including Outlook for team emails, SharePoint to share content, Skype for Business for communications, OneNote for project notes, etc.

This is where Microsoft Teams comes in, enabling an entirely new experience that brings together people, conversations, and content – along with the tools that teams need – so they can easily collaborate to achieve more.


With as your Microsoft Teams partner, you’ll be working with Certified Microsoft platform experts who can ensure your end-to-end success with every component of Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Teams: The Ultimate Workplace

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based teamwork and collaboration platform that can help your organization improve productivity. Think of Teams as your go-to hub for teamwork and collaboration within your organization, where you can bring everything together – voice, video, chatting, document collaboration, and meetings – into one shared workspace.  When you have a place to create and make decisions as a team, there’s no limit to what you can achieve!  


Turn Your Ideas Into a Reality With Microsoft Teams and SharePoint

When you have a place to create and make decisions as a team, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. Teams brings everything together in a shared workspace where you can chat, meet, share files, and work with business apps. 


Microsoft Teams Services

Today 50% of employees spend time collaborating in multiple teams. Enterprises are always in search for a better way to have unified communication. They want a solution that brings everything – from chat, meeting or sharing files to working with business apps under a single workspace.

Microsoft Teams provides a unified collaboration tool. With Teams, you can go big with live events, make clear and reliable calls, collaborate from any device, add your favorite Microsoft or third-party service apps and maximize the impact of your first line workers.

Moreover, a recent report from Spiceworks shows that Microsoft Teams is growing rapidly. It has grown from 3% in 2016 to 21% in 2018, and this sudden rise is likely influenced by the fact that it is available at no extra cost to Office 365 users.

If you’re ready to enable Teams in your organization – we can help! As a Gold Microsoft Solution Provider lets you take advantage of Microsoft Teams in a way that works best for your unique business challenges, ensures successful user adoption, rapid deployment, and achieve maximum benefits.

Planning and Deployment Services

We are fully equipped to plan and deploy all services, capabilities, and features currently available for Microsoft Teams.


We make sure that our clients get the most current upgrades and feature enhancements in Microsoft Teams and Office 365 as appropriate to the present requirement of your business and environment. Our end-to-end Planning and Deployment Services covers all stages like Implementation Requirements, Planning Considerations, Permissions, Microsoft Teams Provisioning, Testing, Installation, Setup and Administration.


Consider the following.

  • Assessment of projected Traffic (O365 and Teams Client, Peer to Peer communication, Conferencing Traffic)

  • Required Bandwidth and technical capacity planning

  • Evaluation of Office 365 licensing details

  • Complete assessment of your Office 365 domain

  • Decide on authentication models

  • Plan all Integration aspects with SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, One Drive for Business, OneNote and Skype for Business Online as are applicable

  • Create a comprehensive plan for configurations, customizations and extensibility options in Teams and Channels including 3rd Party applications, if any, specific to the needs of your organization

  • Solutions for complete document management lifecycle procedure including synchronization backup and restore and other options

  • Comprehensive training module covering all the stakeholders at all levels including end-users and employees

  • Governance strategy to define who will super user for the overall platform and also define other roles having restricted but related granular administrative roles and responsibilities, required restrictions being compliant to enterprise compliance policies

  • Auditing and Reporting – Configure Office 365 Security and Compliance Center appropriate to the level of audit logs and security alerts

  • Data Retention Policies – Configure and set up data life cycle policies for channel messages and overall communications

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Work Better Together

Collaborate on files with built-in Office 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint.conferencing.

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Keep Your Team Secure
Get end-to-end security, administrative control, and compliance—all powered by Office 365.

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Customize Your Workspace
Add in your favorite Microsoft apps and third-party services to keep the business moving forward.conferencing.

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Communicate More Effectively
Get your team on the same page with group chat, online meetings, calling, and web conferencing.


Custom Development and Integration Services

Microsoft Teams has a robust development framework that enables developers to create interesting applications or integrate other applications with teams. has worked with many customers and has built commercial products with Teams.  Our team of consultants are well versed with the technical framework.

Our comprehensive services touch on the following areas:

  • App development for Teams

  • BOT development for Teams

  • Search integration with Teams

  • Third Party Apps integration with Teams


Teams Adoption Services

Today many IT managers are struggling to maximize their investments in Office 365.  This has nothing to do with the technology but more to do with the lack of a plan for adoption of these services.  Enterprises have done very well with the adoption of Enterprise Applications like SAP, Oracle, and others but have not spent time with the adoption of collaboration technologies. has extensive experience in helping organizations increase adoption of Office 365.  Our consultants have experience in working in a heterogeneous environment with tools Jabber, Zoom, WebEx, Slack, DropBox, Box.NET, G Suite and many other tools with Office 365.

Our comprehensive Adoption services touches on the following areas:

  • Use case definitions

  • Champion program

  • Training program

  • Communication program

  • Support program

  • Governance program


Migration Services

So, you are evaluating using Microsoft Teams but are concerned that your business community is using Slack, HipChat, Glib, or other collaboration tools and how you will migrate them to Teams. has extensive migration experience migrating diverse workloads such as eRoom, Filenet, Documentum, Lotus Notes, and Jive to Office 365. 


We also developed tools to facilitate migration from Slack and other tools to Microsoft Teams.  For additional information about our migration capabilities, please refer to our migration services.

Consult with us


Microsoft teams assessment 

Get the most out of your workplace applications, and drive collaboration with insights on the business, cost, and technology benefits of leveraging Microsoft Teams for your organization.​

Streamline your move to the cloud​

With the Microsoft Teams Assessment we take a four-phased approach for your cloud journey​

Assess & Discover

Gather accurate data from your IT environment​

  • Real-time details on your environment​

  • Identification of cloud    transition blockers and collaboration security risks​

Plan & Decide

Determine what changes are​
top priority​

  • Understand how Microsoft Teams can increase agility and efficiency​

  • Identify opportunities for improving business processes


Develop a roadmap for your organization’s cloud journey​

  • Cost analysis of application migration to Microsoft Teams​

  • Prioritize end user tools and business apps for transition to the cloud​


Engage a partner to help you measure your progress​

  • Track and achieve milestones using custom migration plans​

  • Establish a utilization baseline for assessing progress​
    over time​

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We are your experienced partner that can improve productivity and enhance your technology business solutions. Find out more about Microsoft Teams today.

So You've launched  Microsoft Teams.......Now What?



We hear people complaining about the free structure of Teams and how it has led to a proliferation of channels and teams with no document structure.  This organic growth is causing challenges for many businesses.

  • How do I manage governance?

  • How do I control against sprawl?

  • How do I facilitate Teams adoption?

  • How do I ensure Teams best practices?

  • How do I simplify Teams creation?


Our new Microsoft Teams add-on, Powell software improves the employee experience and collaborative process. Take control of governance, bring order with management and ensure everyone can collaborate in an efficient way.


Microsoft Teams has become an essential technology in today’s world. It is the fastest growing business application in Microsoft history, and for a good reason.

Today a lot of companies rely entirely on Microsoft Teams for quick communication and productivity, but many are just scratching the surface of its potential.

We hear people complaining about the free structure of Teams and how it has led to a proliferation of channels and teams with no document structure.  This organic growth is causing challenges for many businesses.

Make Teams easy – and improve security and governance - in as little as 60 minutes using Powell Teams.

  • Powell Teams comprehensive features streamline the usage and management of Microsoft Teams.

  • Quickly and easily create new Teams based on pre-configured or custom templates.

  • Powell Teams provides a simple dashboard so employees can quickly and safely access their business apps, corporate documents and company information, all with just one click.

  • For IT staff, Powell Teams delivers comprehensive capabilities to govern and manage Teams lifecycle, push specific apps, and track usage with corporate analytics.

  • Based on Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, with Powell Teams you can streamline your deployment process and provide an engaging portal design while taking advantage of everything Microsoft technologies have to offer.

This workspace for personal productivity will transform daily operations and bring all applications into one single platform helping employees stay focused.

If you would like to know more, drop us an email and we can have a chat about your requirements. 

 We are here to help with your digital workplace and teams working environment.