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ZephyrIT is a leading IT Services Provider with the expertise to help you with your short and long term IT
and business goals.

Our team of hand picked team have a broad range of experience, spanning a variety of IT Services, ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, Digital transformation, IT Support, Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions.

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SAP. D365. Microsoft Dynamics. Net Suite. JDE. M3. Dynamics CRM. MS Power Apps.


IT Contracting
IT Services

Project Management


IT Delivery

Zephyr IT offer top quality consultants with the expertise to help you deliver your short term IT projects, cloud migrations and long term technology integrations.  

IT Consulting services include:

  • Project Management

  • Programme Management

  • Change Management

  • Business Analysis

  • Business & process improvement

  • Data analytics

  • Information & knowledge management

  • Developers

  • Technical support

  • Strategic advisory and Virtual CIO


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IT Consulting

Solutions by Design


Complete your projects sooner and more successfully with expertise & capability from  ZephyrIT. 


We’ll help you save time and money and implement projects with minimum disruption.

IT Consulting services include:

  • IT and Digital Strategy

  • Digital Workplace

  • Information Systems Strategy

  • Technology search and selection

  • Remote Working & WFH

  • Cloud solution business solutions

  • Training and development

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Cloud IT

Digital Transfomation starts here:


ZephyrIT Can help you build a more intelligent cloud solution. Connect your data and drive smarter decisions.


Do you need:

  • ERP Solutions

  • CRM software

  • Supply chain and Logistics solutions

  • HR software

  • Health and Safety software

  • Remote Working Digital Solutions


Transform your business with a complete end-to-end process that will help you capture new business opportunities.


We can help you combine your ERP, CRM, Business intelligence, Data Intelligence, Content and document Management.

ERP & Business Application Support Services

Our team has broad experience, spanning a variety of ERP solutions and cloud solutions.

We cover search, selection, implementation and mostly important ongoing support and development. We can help you when things get tough!

 We specialize in

  • a broad range of ERP solution. particularly SAP and D365.

  • We provide ongoing support, optimization services for your ERP

  • We deliver remote and on-site support

  • Our team is well used to working within existing IT teams and business partners.


Our teams expertise is further supported by the extended technical and functional specialists we have available.