Adoption & Change Management


Value is only realized when people change the way they work”

The successful adoption of Microsoft Teams represents a change in behavior 
It is more than a set of products—it is a fundamentally different way of working
This change is about people

Create a Culture That is Ready for Change​

It's About the People 

This is more than just communication and training, it’s understanding organization goals, pain points and the culture.  Teamsco takes a holistic approach to supporting individuals change activities and connecting those activities to big picture organizational goals. 

Drive Value Through Business Outcomes

Teamsco change management team will ensure projects meet objectives by increasing employee adoption, usage and productivity.

Measured Results

Our methodology helps organizations drive faster adoption, increase utilization, increase productivity and realize a return on investment (ROI). 


The impact that successful adoption and change management can have on your project and your organization is vital.  Teamsco approach brings the technical side and people side together to achieve your goals. 

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We partner with you to empower users to adopt new technologies by aligning the right resources, develop strategies and driving value within your organization.